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All of us that we have started a business or a company knows and remembers how we start up. Once upon a time, we where all learners, and we continue learning of course in a different way and perspective gain by the experience along the years.


After 14 years on the battlefield with winning and losing battles, I have been looking back, I went to where this entire journey has started. This due to my work as well since I have to deal with a lot of starts ups companies and projects where commonly I saw my self on the past. There’s is a thing that I always remember and recall from those periods when I analyze the business plans of different startups and I called it “The entrepreneur blindness”.


When we start (Always with non-experience but thinking that we know all) it's easy to see things such in a blind way. The expectations, the thrill of this new adventure it's more important to us actually than the business itself.  Our minds are completely in a “Dream mode” where we see all perfect, per example on my case, the first shoe samples I make back on 2004 look so perfect to me, I could not believe we transform a drawing in to a 3D product, that we could touch, feel, and making us closer to our goal, but honestly if I had seen those samples today, I will trout it away direct to trash, since I was literally “Blind”, so I could only see through my blurry eyes.


On this stages we also tent to ignore advice from others, thinking that “They don’t want me to make it happen”, when in fact if we had heard, we would save so many headaches, effort and time, avoiding making a turn in 360, in other words, coming back where we where before on the first place. But, after all, I think this blindness is necessary for all the entrepreneurs journey on their initial stages, we have to know, feel and realize from our self’s that was not so easy, that was not as we heard, that was not so much the dream that we had in our minds and hearts, in fact often the first stages of this dream becomes a nightmare with sleepless nights, anxiety and worriedness that we will make us rethink if it was the correct decision.


If we go through the test of the initial failures, if we are strong enough to stand it, if we have enough will and perseverance it will come this “Awareness” where you can actually “See all” opening your eyes to the reality getting your self out of “Blind mode” accepting things as they really are.


We will never learn till we know how to “see” that we don’t know nothing or a little at all of a subject what we thought we knew all about. Being awake to see the path of knowledge in a humble way its critical and it will make the difference between the entrepreneur who will make it happen and the one who won't.  


So far I’m awake all the time, but as a good human, I can't avoid taking little naps for a short period.  Stay awake and see clear.

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Daniel, it's one of the first Chilean "Sneaker" entrepreneur, where all he's passion come from.

On March of 2008 -I have left his life in Chile and move to Asia by himself to create Brands & Develop a company who specialized in Sneakers, footwear and Accessories.

Till 2019 Brands & Develop has made products on the sneakers field for more than 4 continents (South America, North America, Europe, and Oceania).

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