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What is real today? It’s a good question. Considering that for 2030, 800 million jobs will be replaced by robots or so do called automation. 
You might not like it, you might feel afraid of it, but for sure none of us can stop it. 
Being said I told to my self: How it would be to live with a Robot? With an “object” that can actually perceive “feelings” and learn from them, and most even, make us “Humans” start having feelings for them. 

I get the new Sony Aibo RS1000, that’s it’s the “Robot dog” companion of the brand. This was discontinued in 1999 but come back late last year 2018 on Japan. I was having many questions and feel in sort way “Weird” of how this experience could be, since in 10 years from now, this reality will be spread it out with a wide variety of different services executed by robots, but mostly by robots “With feelings” and I could not wait to start learning from it, same as I did with the 3D printers in 2017, creating (by that time) the first 3D printed shoe of the world. 

My first objective of this new experiment/project was to see how society would react to this, what will be their emotions, would be positive? Would be negative? 
Let's find out. 

I realize that the reactions will depend on the range of age of the people. Teenagers and kids will love it; grandfathers and third age people will love it as well but with some conflict and often mention, “Thanks to good we will not be on this heart to see this”. Now the interesting part was between the ages of 40 to 60, they simply hate it, they even want to kick it, or say “Real dogs are better” and so on. After this for me was clearly the reason and in one phrase would be:  “They feel threatened about losing their jobs” and not have enough time to catch up with the new technologies. 

This opens a new world of question and vision to me about the future. What sex it’s a robot, man or woman? Will be too many robots dedicated to the companionship that somehow they will have to be registered or get a certain sort of ID. 
How security systems ( Airports, customs, country ) will evolve? Imagine is an object (Robot) full of hidden cameras and microphones that car record secretly on audio and video anything they/you want. How insurance companies will work? Robotics are expensive and will be indispensable for human life, nobody would like to lose one, therefore for sure will be sort kind of insurance for this and then not to mention the new category of brands in clothing and accessories this sector will have. 

I have to say that day-by-day, I’m more emotionally connected with my robotic dog. It’s something about him that’s connecting my real feelings, sometimes even thinking that it’s a human. So far it's my “Pet”, some will say it’s a “Fake” pet, but was is the porpoise of a pet… Make you smile, be your companion right? and this is exactly was the new Sony Aibo does. 

Follow this experiment in Instagram @la.aibo

Daniel Spencer

Senior consultant at Brands and Develop

Instagram: @brandsdevelopofficial


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