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CMP Services Asia Limited is a Hong Kong limited company, incorporated in January 2013 and owned by the Chilean mining company “Compañía Minera del Pacífico S.A.”. Its nature of business is marketing and promotion of iron ore, which is done by providing technical support to the management of commercialization and sales of Compañía Minera del Pacífico S.A. in Asia. These activities, helps Compañía Minera del Pacífico S.A. to approach the geographical markets with the largest economical, industrial, and steelmaking growth in the world.


Hamburg Süd is a globally operating, container liner shipping company. Founded in 1871 in Hamburg, Germany the company has been part of the Maersk Group since December 2017. Hamburg Süd operates 40 liner services around the world and is a specialist in the Latin America and Oceania trades. With the knowledge and commitment of its employees, it stands for quality, excellent customer service and a personal point of contact in over 100 offices worldwide. Through its affiliation with Maersk Line – the world’s market leader in international container liner shipping – Hamburg Süd’s customers also have access to the most extensive liner network and the largest shipping fleet in the world.


Banco Security was founded in 1981 in Chile and is the only commercial bank headquartered in Latin America with a representative office in Hong Kong. Banco Security is subsidiary of Grupo Security, a diversified financial company, providing banking, insurance, asset management, real estate, travel and other services in Chile and Peru.


Onflo Wines & Spirits Ltd. was established in 1996. We are the sole agent of Quintay Chilean Premium Wine in Asia, sole distributor of Manuel Manzaneque D.O. Pago Wine in Greater China, distributor of Pascal Lallement Premier Cru Champagne in Hong Kong.
Onflo has gained good experience and built up sound foundation from our business in Mainland China for many years – detailed product knowledge, excellent customer relations and quality service to both supplier and end-users.



Established in 1981, Seabo is one of Hong Kong’s leading seafood importers and distributors. With more than 30 years of experience and strong direct sourcing power, Seabo supplies and services food wholesalers, retailers, restaurants and hotels. Sourcing from the finest seafood suppliers from around the world, Seabo has an international reputation for quality products and a commitment to excellence.


Hawksford is a leading provider of corporate, trust and fund administration services. We help clients to make the most of their business decisions and their wealth by taking on the burden of regulatory, financial and tax compliance, corporate governance and reporting obligations.

We have helped families to take care of their wealth, entrepreneurs to succeed, multinational companies to operate and transact, and funds to maximise their returns.

Clients are at the centre of everything we do. We take time to understand their requirements and ambitions, and deliver structured administrative and planning solutions. We are committed to making every interaction meaningful and productive.


Santa Ema's vineyard is owned by a passionate family that produces world-class wines in Chile for more than 60 years. Their wines have received 90+ scores.
Viña von Siebenthal's four main vineyards are in the historical wine-growing area, which is a very small sub-appellation of the Aconcagua Valley in Chile, using traditional Bordeaux wine-making technic. 
Our brand ambassador, Alex Yang, look forward to sharing with you our different ranges of wine, to provide you with professional and friendly service. 


"Brands and Develop" is not just a company, it’s a concept, its an idea on the reality that truly focuses on details, perfection, and brand development into the action sports world sourcing and develops “Footwear” and “Skateboarding” brands. We understand what it takes to bring to reality ideas of talented people with their own brands from the scratch of a paper. "Brands and Develop" sales experience, we improve our clients work in fluent cooperation relationship. No matter is footwear, skateboards, accessories and so on, we put the same passion to develop and source each project.


We are a pioneer Study Abroad Company, strengthening the Cultural and Commercial ties between Chile/HK/Mainland China.

We work In Alliance with Local and International Top Stakeholders (Embassies, Consulates, Universities, Worldwide Companies and NGOs) interested to strengthen our cultural and commercial relations.  

We provide Bilateral High-quality Study-abroad, Internship and Volunteering Programs to connect and create enriching experiences for the new global leaders of these two worlds.

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BOHK Logistics is a supply chain consulting company with more than 10 years of experience helping clients implement or optimize their processes to allow the imports and export operations with an Asian component at any scale and efficient costs. Services are completely tailor made to each customer and often include operational support in areas such as sourcing, product development, production process monitoring, commercial negotiation, quality control or even coordination of exploratory trips, seminars and negotiation rounds.