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They always ask me “Daniel, what do you?” This question it’s always on my mind. What do I do? Well basically as and entrepreneur I know how to do mostly everything: From design, marketing, production, Human Resources, finances and more, skills sets that I been developing over my career. It’s been imperative for me to define who I am and what I do.


When I said I could do mostly all, people not only get puzzled, as well I lose my core value of knowledge deluding it in to multiply tasks. A real entrepreneur is the one who open the office, turn the light on, pick up the phone and deal with the constant “fires” that happens at any daily business. Being an entrepreneur it’s not to be a businessman (often confused).


An entrepreneur it’s more “courage driven” that “knowledge driven”. He or she will just jump on the lions and persist till make the objective it happen or die on the intent. A “business man” it’s the evolution of a “successful entrepreneur”. When you reach a level, the only way to leverage your knowledge and skills it’s deploying a “knowledge driven” position and get out of the fire line that your been embracing for years, sometimes decades.


A businessman knows how to delegate, her or he’s role it’s to develop businesses and spread the capital risk. If your to busy everyday dealing with daily office issues you will be so tired and blurred that there’s no way you will have space for the important things. After 17 years of career I can say that I have evolved, I have become a businessman, where I’m not trying anymore to “solve all”, to be the “persistence example” I did that already and its time to move forward.


Now I’m focusing in working with my brain/knowledge, expecting result and performance from my investments, allowing me to manage multiply business and companies with out the headache of manage them. Never get trapped or emotional for your first business. It’s not a baby; it’s just a business so treat it as such. It’s never been about being “busy” it’s always been “what your busy about”

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Daniel, it's one of the first Chilean "Sneaker" entrepreneur, where all he's passion come from.

On March of 2008 -I have left his life in Chile and move to Asia by himself to create Brands & Develop a company who specialized in Sneakers, footwear and Accessories.

Till 2019 Brands & Develop has made products on the sneakers field for more than 4 continents (South America, North America, Europe, and Oceania).

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